Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell This was a truly wonderful read with characters I enjoyed. As a fan of fanfiction (and once writer), I loved Cather's pov throughout this book.

Levi and Nick. Thank GAWD it went the RIGHT way! I was actually worried for a bit there.

Reagan became such a fave to me, I love her and Cath's weird friendship.

Wren. I really disliked her for about half of this book but there was a line during her argument with Cath that made me see her differently and it was actually foreshadowing later events.

Cath/Wren/Dad Arthur. So much love for them.

Cath actually reminded me a lot of myself for a good portion of this book and I think that's what makes this book so good. Rainbow wrote Cath as an easy character to relate to from how she handles her new college life, to her family drama, and her romances. The humor throughout this book also balanced out the story so perfectly.

Also kudos on the KStew/Twilight drops <3