Anything He Wants: Castaway #3 (Castaway, #3)

Anything He Wants: Castaway #3 (Castaway, #3) - Sara Fawkes I kinda liked this one. Great cliffhanger I must say


The confrontation between Lucy and did he burn her! Damn near brutal shit he said, I almost felt bad. Then the brothers fighting! Ugh over a paid whore rmfe.

To cut short, Jeremiah still wants her but she's holding off, or at least she was. Lucy leaves, Lucas appears at the airport with her (in disguise) he wants her too, she says no no. Now Lucy meets a stranger but guess what? Stranger is actually evil brother number 3!

He bombed the hotel Jeremiah was at, Lucy freaks thinking he's dead...he's not and he's still pissed.

The two make a run for protection from Rush and end up back in bed a few times before authorities get them back. They realize too late that it was all a setup. Authorities, Lucas, J and Lucy in one place. Book closes on an explosion.