Anything He Wants: Castaway #2 (Castaway, #2)

Anything He Wants: Castaway #2 (Castaway, #2) - Sara Fawkes I really do not like Lucy at all. I kind of want them to toss her into the ocean and move it along.


So now that Jeremiah has come to her rescue right after she was all over his bro, Lucy doesn't know what to do. The brothers are bickering over poor old Lucy and her safety but Lucy thinks shes just fine for having been kidnapped a few times.

At one point Lucy tells a Amyrah "screw your brother" (this chick trying to ruin this girls life), I chuckled cuz that seems to be Lucy's thing since she goes back to bedding Jeremiah after his plea that he needs her. Poor Lucas sees J leaving Lucy in the morning, he knows they did the deed and wonders if he had a chance. Neither want Jeremiah to know their secret.Well guess what?! Jeremiah knows something! Oh and also, Lucy may have another of the Hamilton bros to bed!