Anything He Wants 2: All's Fair (Dominated by the Billionaire, #2)

Anything He Wants 2: The Contract - Sara Fawkes Another shorty. Takes off right where book one left off.


So Lucy has agreed to be his "assistant". I'm sure there is a serious sexual harassment case in this if Lucy was thinking with her head and not her clit. I mean lets face it, she's now kind of a prettied up prostitute.

Limo riding to jet flying. Lucy has NOTHING with her but the clothes on her back. Of course pimp daddy boss Jeremiah will take care of all that.Lucy signs on the dotted line and is made official.When the 2 land in Paris, they meet up with Celeste and Ethan a married couple that also works for "Remi" And also something else Ive come to expect, the other female characters saying "be nice to our male lead who has just made you his sex toy. He's sensitive/special/delicate/" Blah.

Why am I still reading this? I needed a break between some serious reads

I almost forget the bootyplay