Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi This book was great for the most part but wow oh wow did Juliette hit a high annoyance level.


Figured early on that there had to be a connection between Adam and Warner blood wise. Thought maybe it would have been through the mother though, not evil pops.

Juliette hasn't figured out that keeping secrets will blow up in your face. Her only stand out moment was capping Anderson. Otherwise she was a whiny pain in the ass.

Adam, sweet guy. Saved your life, risked his everything and is fighting to be with you.

No let me break his heart and fool with the creepy bro who tortured him.

Shame that chapter 62 had such great words with the wrong person.

Warner is a goddamn mess. I don't find his obsession cute or swoony. Just creepy.

I'm not a fan of the brother swap situations BUT Mafi's writing is EVERYTHING!

Kenji deserves a book. He is a STAR!

James is a cutie and I need him and the twinnies to team up as healers.

I also realized that Warner/Juliette = Rogue -_-

I miss Blondie and Brendan.

Ignite Me will either be the best or worst book.