Anything He Wants: Castaway #1 - Sara Fawkes Are you fucking kidding me?! Really?! Yeah, Lucy should have eaten the bullet. I just CAN NOT with this ho.


So Lucy is now playing translator for Lucas after he kidnaps her right off Jeremiah's property after shes all heartbroken cuz J didn't profess his love after 2 FUCKING WEEKS! They have a drunken make out session and Lucas thinks shes "so fucking sexy" I mean he REALLY does, he says it like 5 times.Anywho, this chick wants to go home but before that she does one more job for Lucas, this turns into her doing a job ON Lucas after he saves her life -_-

Now here is the kicker, she has ZERO REMORSE! Nothing at all until after they screw in the shower! I laugh cuz she says "Im not your slave" That's right hun, that's what his brother has you for. Oh and apparently the brothers are really into ass play and wow this girls ass must've been made for entry cuz not once has lube been mentioned.Good job Champ!

So after Lucy wonders if she really loves J she starts to ponder if she loves L. FFS chick. Oh and now here comes Jeremiah to save the day!

Is it too much to hope they all die?