Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha I am in love with the writing style of Kit Rocha and the Beyond Series.

Incredibly sexy and strong but yet still vulnerable characters.

The sex...holy shit. A whole other level in erotica. Kit Rocha has managed to put together just beautiful filth and I say that as a compliment. Most authors who try this "style" fail and their writing comes across as a bad porno script. The team of Kit Rocha did what I didn't think possible. I thank them for it.

Now onto Beyond Pain:

Six and Bren had a great build starting from book 1. I love that you were able to see the trust and love grow between them. I also must say I was pleased by their possessiveness of one another. No sharing here!

Love that the cage held their moments. Six finally unleashing and her and Bren giving in. It was perfect.

Lex and Dallas, such a great team keeping each other and the family steady. They still love their fun too! Uhhhh huhhhh see you Rachel.

Speaking of, Rachel and Ace kill me. Now you add in Cruz. Wow.

Can I also say I love that it wasn't stressed that some of the guys are into other guys. Some authors make it a spot light situation but it was so natural here. Perfect.

Can't believe the wait is so long till book 4 :(