Beyond Control - Kit Rocha What a pair Dallas and Lex are. Omg did I love this battle. They even made knife play hot, like W.T.F!

On more than one occasion I actually wanted Lex to beat on pun intended. But lawd the cage scene into the garage scene UNBELIEVABLE and the "fun with friends" HOLY SHIT DUDE!

Their passion came through the pages in an amazing way!

Noelle and Jasper still smoking hot BUT wowza at


Ace getting sucked off by MADDOX! I mean Lex hinted at it while at TWO in regards to her, Dallas and Mad but woah. Good shit.

Speaking of Ace, him and Rachel need to sort it out BIGTIME

Six and Bren, that build up is goooooood!

Loved all the action and drama and AHHH the end scene <3 King and Queen