The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead Seriously?! It was going so good and now the walking c0ckblock!



Alright, cutting straight to the point of Adrian and Sydney. They are awesome. Love their fun and humor and sap. Took long enough. But really? Zoe is now here. Blocking my Sydrian fun >.<<br/>
Marcus was a bore to me, I thought he'd be a stronger character but meh. Syd breaking her alchemist hold and then almost blowing it (though I think they know) immediately after was crazy. Ian is so annoying. Kinda hope he doesn't return.

Jill/Eddie/Angeline +Trey - oh Angeline, you silly girl but you opened the door for Jeddie (lame) so thxs.

Now the best part was definitely the witch hunt and Sydney embracing the magic. Really did not sense that switch with Alicia. I actually thought that maybe Alicia WAS Veronica in some weird body swap deal OR that Ms Twergiller was a baddie after all. That shards action was...ouch.""

Honorable mention : HOPPER! Lol I love the little pie/sugar loving demon!

Oh and of course, Sonya and Mikhail's wedding :") Hi Romitri