The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead Seriously, the nerd wasn't a villain? Shocked

I love Adrian and Sydney. They work so well.


So the vampire hunters are real, old man wasn't too crazy, but didn't expect Trey as part of it. I totally thought it was Brayden :/ although his closing part was hilarious.

So they capture Sonya cuz they think she's still a strigoi even though she holds no characteristics of one. Genius team. The save was pretty cool. Dimitri and his duster 4lyfe.

Adrian and his dad broke my heart. Just awful shit to say to your kid.

Jill/Micah/Eddie/Angeline - I'm wondering how that will play out, well minus Micah. I think I just love how crazy Angeline is. Her beating asses during the "concert" was such a funny visual.

Sydney's magic use and Ms Terwilliger as her "mentor" is cool, though Sydney is so against it.

Cuz I love them so and I'm so glad they got a mention, the phone call with Dimka and Roza, and his smile when Sonya spoke of his love for "young and reckless" XD :")

That's another thing, I almost expected more Dimitri but not VA, poo. I really wanted to have Dimitri and Adrian just hash it out but I guess Adrian getting over Rose naturally was best,

It was so sweet and sad. Adrian being so open :")

Onto part 3