Bloodlines - Richelle Mead Oh just that last sentence has me reaching for book 2!! Excited!

I decided to start this series because I thought Adrian was left hanging in the worst way, plus a little Romitri doesn't hurt.


So this series follows the alchemist Sydney who I enjoyed in the VA books. I dislike her father very much and gross Keith.

Also back in this is Adrian, Jill, Eddie, and awesome Abe.

I figured out very early that Jill and Adrian were now bound. Made me so sad that Jill who went through such a life change was killed just because she happened to get a relation to Lissa. On top of that, Adrian who is really half nuts and out of control, brings her back to life.


Poor thing and then she keeps to herself but attracts Lee and Micah...and Eddie. Oh and the usual mean girl.

I gotta say, I didn't expect Lee as the second and main baddie. I'm also really curious as to who restored him when he was strigoi.

Keith got what he deserved after being such a dick and a rapist. Interesting finding out that the eye was the debt between Abe/Sydney

I'm curious if Ms. Terwilliger will hold a big part in this series since she's very aware of what's going on. That was another shocker to me.

I really like Sydney and Adrian. I hope he can get over Rose, but with Dimitri (squeeee!) now involved, I guess that's easier said then done.

"Dimitri Belikov had arrived" YAAAAAAASSS BRING IT!