Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead Goddamn! Ending on not 1 but 2 cliffies!
Also took my heart with it :(

********SPOILERS AHEAD************

Start: Dimitri's letters held such a creep factor I could feel the chills.

Victors breakout leading into Dimitri's arrival was crazy. Here I thought the charmed ring would be the star but upon further explanation , things made more sense...sort of.

So strigoi could only be turned back by being staked with a spirit charmed stake BY a spirit user. Yeah. Not what I expected.

Dimitri grabbing up Christian and Lissa and that entire situation was amazing! Glad Lissa pulled through for Rose and Dimitri. She's gonna get a nasty reality check soon.

Rose and Dimitri...oh how they break my heart. That first conversation in the prison and then the church. That hurt. The love they are fighting to ignore and they can't. His defense of her as the guards arrest her... :"( I want to dislike Adrian but he's another victim in all this.

The bombshells....didn't expect her to be killed! Didn't expect anymore out of that daddy news but who knew they'd connect?!

Also...where the fuck did Victor and Robert vanish too?