Blood Promise - Richelle Mead This series just gets better with each book. Holy shit. So much awesomeness to process.

******SPOILERS AHEAD*******

The start of this book, with Rose on her search for Strimitri (learned it!) was so good and it gave so much more depth to Dimitri that we never got. I love Yeva and her bullshit detector ways. I wonder if there is more to Sydney than what we got. Either way I enjoyed her befriending Rose.

Lissa/Christian/Adrian pretty much falling apart and getting blown apart thxs to newbie Avery, who I could tell was gonna but a twatwaffle immediately. Thankfully she got taken care of in an cool way.

Lissa/Christian, :(

Rose finding Strimitri...gotta say gave me serious Buffy and Angelus feels. The love/hate battle for his soul or lack thereof. Rose falling into it and becoming HIS blood whore was both sad and yet incredibly erotic. So weird reading Dimitri with this total change. The battle between them...ugh hurt. BUT omfg his LETTER WAS PERFECT! It really put that creepy chill factor to end the book.

Other bits! Felt dumb not making the Ibrahim / Abe connection. It was a really funny moment of realization though.

THE RING! I didn't think it's purpose was more than what was said. Thought maybe the healer for D would be Roses blood. The news that it wasn't and that it was all in the ring? Shocker and then toss in Victor?! Can't wait for more XD