Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon 4.5 tbh

Part 1 was a perfect Acheron history lesson. So incredibly heartbreaking and powerful. Explained everything.
Holy shit Artemis is pure c*nt!
Love seeing Mama Destroyer.

Part 2
Of all the people to be brought back as Ash's love, the annoyance from possibly the worst in the series? Unexpected and honestly turned me off some.
Wasn't very pleased with their fast forward relationship. Complain about trust but gave it really quickly. Mmmmk. However not gonna lie, there was something cute about them.

Shoutout to L.A Banks was very cool
Ash getting drunk off Soda? Different lol
The battle with the DH reunited and Styxx? Perfect.
Tory vs Artie...alright
Nick and Artemis licking their wounds? Interesting.

Kinda odd having Ash all happy ending so soon (book 15 lol) but he deserved it although with all he went through, doesn't seem enough.