Seize the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon Holy shit! Best DH book so far! Val and Tabitha are perfect!

This plot was so strong and dark. The return of Des was fucking crazy.

Nick, omg :( So much from his sleeping with Simi and Ash almost killing him for it to his suicide to avenge his moms death. DH Nick and Simi <3<br/>
Btw, Simi is Ash's daughter? Ash is a god? Ash is occasionally blue? Baby Marissa holds the worlds fate? Woah. And who the hell is Katra to Ash? Didn't she see/know Ash in Wulfs book? Hmm

I really thought Kyrian and Amanda were done for. Such a dramatic scene.

On a happy note, I'm glad that Zarek and Kyrian are warming to Val.

I was wondering how the DH line would go what with them all getting their souls BUT Ash's whole "you're immortal and so are you and you and you and you!" deal is kind of annoying.

All in all though, great read!