Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward Definitely the weakest story in the series so far but it did have its good points. Phury hitting rock bottom and being tossed out of the BDB was surprising. Him cleaning himself up and creating a new destiny was cool. The reunion with Z and the brothers? Perfect. I do love that Z has become so much more than what he started as. Love him and Bella. Lash as the Lessers leader O.O woah. Qhuinn, Blay, John are a good team. Blay and Qhuinn remind me of V and Butch but with "extra" yeah, hot smooch boys. Tohr has returned! Loved his reunion with John and Lassiter sounds fun lol.

PROS: the side stories really kept this book alive.
CONS: Phury and Cormia kinda bore me. Also lack of other brothers!!